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Simplifying Brand Growth and Community Rewards with ShuttleBay

The Deitys are web3 enthusiasts fostering newcomer empowerment and self-enhancement. As you ascend within this community, you'll unlock rewards, evolving into a pivotal presence in the domain. Welcome to the ShuttleBay blog! We're eager to discuss Deitys and today we're conversing with Derek! Let&

Simplifying Brand Growth and Community Rewards with ShuttleBay
ShuttleBay with The Deitys 

The Deitys are web3 enthusiasts fostering newcomer empowerment and self-enhancement. As you ascend within this community, you'll unlock rewards, evolving into a pivotal presence in the domain.

Welcome to the ShuttleBay blog! We're eager to discuss Deitys and today we're conversing with Derek! Let's dive in!

Tell us about your Project/Brand  

The Deitys are people within web3 that are taking back control of the space and focuses on onboarding new members and helping them reach their full potential within the space. The project revolves around self-growth and community to build connections and to reward members for their faith and time. As you grow within web3 and the community you will reap the benefits of becoming a god within the space.

Tell us about your role

I am the founder of The Deitys. My name is Derek and I am fully doxed and more happy chatting and hanging out with my community than trying to build in silence in the background. I work on a lot since we are a small team. I like keeping everything small and in house because it keeps it close to my chest, allowing me to keep the community safe as well as being even more involved. The Deitys is a huge passion of mine and I want to be in the thick of it. Not in the background watching others build my dream. I believe in full transparency and that the best path to success is one where we all build the foundation and check each others work rather than solely relying on me.

Why do you like using ShuttleBay?

I love Shuttlebays commitment to it’s community and how integral it is in the growth of the communities within Shuttlebay. It not only helps the individual but the brand build and grow. Just like with The Deitys both of our focus is own the community and I believe that is the most important part of any project within the space. It also rewards the community in multiple ways, with Shuttlebay rewarding the individual itself and also allowing the brand to have it’s own rewards is an amazing feature for every community member to have multiple ways to benefit from using it.

What are the challenges and opportunities that your - brand faces in the Web3 space?

The biggest challenge for any brand within the sphere right now is exposure. Hype is king with web3 and building that hype can be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when launching a project now a days. Shuttlebay is a great avenue to help a newer brand develop it’s core audience as well as an established brand reach more people within the limited space that is web3.

What Rewards do you currently offer your community?

I currently offer several different rewards for my community depending on the bounty. Some of the rewards have been monetary like Eth or NFTs and some have been special roles within the server. Time is the most valuable commodity anyone within the space holds and I believe everyone should be rewarded for their time, especially if they are giving that time to you.

What are your brand's plans for growth in the Web3 space?

Currently we are working on several features that allow for community members to grow their NFTs as they grow within the space, allowing for a digital piece of art that accurately reflects where they are at and who they want to be within the space that can still stay true to their brand and helps them monetize it. We are building a trading bot that will allow holders, new to the space or veterans of it alike, to test their theories and strategies and compete for the best trades. We are also working on several features within the discord to go along with our already working Faithbot that rewards community members for their time such as casino games and more that will allow members to exponentially increase their holdings allowing them to reach the higher and better rewards faster.

What trends do you see in Web3 and what are your predictions for what’s coming up next?

The biggest trend within Web3 for the past year has revolved around influencer pump and dumps. Since hype is king, whatever the top influencers are buying into or promoting are what sales. Steering away from Art and Decentralization and more towards quick flips and airdrops. However that trend is slowly dying. We are seeing more and more that people within web3 are learning and making wiser decisions that are not purely based off hype and finding that at the end of the day, artists and community driven brands are the true backbone and foundation of web3. We’ve seen it with many hyped mints lately not performing well. If you are not providing value to your community, the community will not provide value back. I predict that within the next few years we will see NFTs going away from influencer pump and dumps and going back to where it should have stayed all along, back to the community and creators. (at least I hope so).

What advice would you give to other brands that are looking to enter the Web3 space?  

Have a clear picture in your head of what you want to build and deliver, but be flexible enough to pivot when needed. The market shifts and trends change and if you want to provide value to your community you will have to be willing to listen and change when needed. Not everyone knows what’s best, but it’s not always about what’s best and it’s about what’s wanted. You must give them the opportunity to fail if you want to ever show them that what you are doing is actually in their best interest. That’s what being a community is about. It’s a partnership, not a dictatorship.

Where else can people find your project on social media and ShuttleBay?

Feel free to explore our vibrant community on ShuttleBay by visiting our website and following us on Twitter. By getting to know us better, you'll gain a deeper understanding of our project's value and the positive impact it can have. We look forward to connecting with you!  

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