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How to Achieve Web3 Engagement: Army of Fortunes Gamified Engagement Strategy with ShuttleBay

The AOFverse, created by the founders of Supercell, is a metaverse of interconnected Web3 mobile games that revolutionizes the gaming landscape. This futuristic platform, with its player-centric approach and emphasis on community feedback, is leading the way for the next decade of Web3 mobile gaming. What is the AOFverse about?

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The AOFverse, created by the founders of Supercell, is a metaverse of interconnected Web3 mobile games that revolutionizes the gaming landscape. This futuristic platform, with its player-centric approach and emphasis on community feedback, is leading the way for the next decade of Web3 mobile gaming.

What is the AOFverse about? 🌎

The AOFverse is a metaverse of Web3 mobile games with several games already in development. Each game will be connected, allowing players to transfer currencies and demigods between them.

The AOFverse has been created by the founding members of mobile gaming giants Supercell, working on the hugely popular Clash of Clans and more. With that pedigree and background, our focus is clear; high quality Web3 mobile games. We believe we’re on track to pioneer the next 10 years of Web3 mobile gaming. To do that, you, our community, is extremely important to us. Your feedback, suggestions and comments. They’re all welcome. Join us and help us build the future of Web3 mobile gaming!

Step into the futuristic world of AOFverse, a cutting-edge metaverse comprising a collection of Web3 mobile games that are set to revolutionize the gaming landscape. Spearheaded by the masterminds behind renowned mobile gaming giants like Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans and more, AOFverse is a promising venture dedicated to delivering top-tier Web3 gaming experiences.Lets explore how AOFverse's interconnected games, player-centric approach, and dedication to community feedback are shaping the future of Web3 mobile gaming.

  1. Uniting Web3 Mobile Games in AOFverse: AOFverse presents a captivating metaverse where multiple Web3 mobile games are currently in development. The uniqueness lies in the interconnected nature of these games, enabling players to seamlessly transfer currencies and powerful demigods across various gaming realms. This innovative approach fosters an engaging and immersive gaming experience like never before.
  2. The Power of Experience: Supercell's Founding Members: AOFverse benefits from the expertise of its visionary founders, the masterminds responsible for creating the ever-popular Clash of Clans and other acclaimed mobile games at Supercell. Drawing from this extensive experience and pedigree, AOFverse is committed to delivering nothing less than high-quality Web3 mobile gaming.
  3. Pioneering the Future of Web3 Mobile Gaming: With a clear vision in mind, AOFverse is determined to lead the charge in shaping the next decade of Web3 mobile gaming. Through constant innovation, creative gameplay, and cutting-edge technology, AOFverse seeks to set new industry standards and redefine the gaming experience for players worldwide.
  4. You Are the Heart of AOFverse: At AOFverse, the community's role is paramount. Players, like yourself, are an integral part of this innovative gaming ecosystem. Your feedback, suggestions, and comments hold immense value as they shape the ongoing development and evolution of AOFverse. Together, we strive to build a gaming paradise where your ideas and contributions matter.

AOF ShuttleBay Bounties

The AOFverse presents a captivating array of experiences spanning across the vast AOF gaming landscape. These experiences are designed to cater to diverse interests and levels of challenge, ensuring an immersive journey for all players.

For those with an interest in trivia, certain elements of the AOFverse delve into the rich background of the AOF brand. Players are invited to showcase their knowledge and learn more about the origins, key milestones, and significant accomplishments of the AOF project.

These immersive, interactive gaming experiences not only stimulate engagement within the AOF community, but also strengthen the bond between the AOF brand and its players, nurturing a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.

AOF's ShuttleBay Brand Profile
AOF's ShuttleBay Season Details

AOFverse is proud to introduce the ShuttleBay Contributor Leaderboard, a unique feature that highlights and celebrates our top supporters and contributors. This leaderboard provides a transparent, real-time ranking system based on the valuable contributions community members make to the AOFverse.

This innovative system is not just a recognition of the community members' hard work and dedication, it also promotes healthy competition. By showcasing the most active and committed participants, it encourages others to contribute more actively and diversely.

The ShuttleBay Leaderboard also bridges the gap between the AOF team and its lively community. It allows the team to personally interact with the top contributors, rewarding them with exclusive benefits. These rewards may include early access to new features, limited edition NFTs, or increased token allotments.

The integration of this leaderboard system reflects AOFverse's dedication to community-focused growth, where each contribution is acknowledged and rewarded.

AOF's ShuttleBay Contributors Leader Board
With an astounding number of 418,019 contributions already made, the CyberKongz community exhibits an extraordinary passion for the brand.

Founding members of Supercell and Clash of Clans, really? 🎮

Yes, really. Read a bit more about each of them below.

Zhao: One of the early-stage team members in Supercell. The third community manager in the Clash of Clans team. Involved in Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale game development. Ex-Great China lead who launched marketing campaigns valued at over $100M in media spend.

Wayne: One of the early-stage team members in Supercell. The lead client programmer in the team of Hay Day. As the first mobile game developed by Supercell, Hay Day was one of the best mobile games in the world. If you have ever played the fishing feature in Hay Day, you should thank Wayne who brought fishing and many other innovative gameplays to Hay Day.

Cosmin: One of the early-stage team members in Supercell. Clash of Clans core team member. QA lead in Supercell. Cosmin has a true love for games. 11 years ago, he travelled to Helsinki to join Supercell because he really loved the game developed by Supercell. He became a core team member in Clash of Clans who is responsible for the general quality of the game and game design improvement. If you still remember Clan Wars in Clash of Clans, please remember that Cosmin is the man behind the awesome Clan Wars.

Army of Fortune and ShuttleBay Partnership

Tell me more about this metaverse!

Certainly! The team behind AOFverse has been diligently working on their metaverse for some time now. While several connected games, currently being developed by their dedicated teams, are a major component, the AOFverse encompasses much more. Characters such as Frog Pikeman and Blick the Gobbler play a substantial role in this virtual universe.

If one follows AOFverse on Twitter or is active on TikTok, they may have stumbled upon these intriguing characters. Frog Pikeman has garnered an impressive following of 1.6 million on TikTok, and Blick the Gobbler with 1.7 million followers, making both of them social media sensations. This is merely a glimpse of the AOFverse - it commences with the games but extends far beyond, promising an immersive experience.

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